How to Do a Bi-Polar Hemi Arthroplasty of Hip

What are the steps of Bipolar Hemi-arthroplasty of Hip?

* The surgical steps of Bipolar Hemi-Arthroplasty consist of placing the patient on to the normal side on the operation table after appropriate anaesthetic.

* The patient is suitably prepped and draped using appropriate aseptic precautions.

* A 6 to 10 cm long incision is made on the side of the upper part of thigh. This exposes the subcutaneous fat tissues.

* Further dissection is carried out in between the various muscular layers.  This exposes the capsule of the hip joint.

* A further incision is made to gain access to the neck of the femur bone.

* Using a power saw the fractured head is cut and removed.

* The next step consists of reaming the shaft of the femur bone to an appropriate depth, allowing implantation of the prosthesis.

* The shaft part of the prosthesis is fixed using special biocompatible anti-biotic (usually Gentamycin) mixed cement as the anchoring substance.

* Once the cement sets, the prosthesis is reduced back into the hip joint, after the smaller head is attached to the neck of the prosthesis and in the next step the larger head is fixed on top of the smaller head.

* The wound is closed in layers using stitches. A dressing is applied on top, which is removed in a few days time.

* Usually, the patient is allowed to start weight-bearing in the next few days as tolerated.

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