Eye Exercises to Improve Vision- Pencil Pushups



Eye exercises are generally done to avoid prescription glasses or laser eye surgery. Many of us are naturally wary of jumping onto the operating table and resort to eye surgery. Especially when we believe that there are alternatives to laser eye surgery.


Some of our readers have pointed out that these exercises can be done to avoid wearing contact lenses and glasses, please let us know whether you found these exercises helpful.

Below is a list of Simple Eye Exercises

* The simplest eye exercise is to look at objects in the distance for long periods of time. This can be done while you are sitting in a garden or walking.

* You can alternate between looking at things in the distance and things nearby so that the eye keeps focusing on objects near and far. All this does is to give your muscles a work out and strengthen them.

The way to do this exercise is to sit down and focus on a distant object for 1 minute and then focus on a near by object.

Pencil Push Ups :- Some prefer to do with a pencil held in the hand. Try to concentrate on the tip of the pencil holding it near to your nose and slowly, but gradually stretch your arm to full length, always trying to focus on the tip.

Repeat 10 times every day.

* Keeping the eyeballs moving is the easiest method of correcting vision. Sit down and move your eyes clock wise and then counter clock wise.

Repeat 10 times every day.

Orthoptics is a practice of using the eyes to improve muscular imbalances in the eyes. Credit for these techniques goes to Mary Maddox, an English lady, daughter of an ophthalmologist. She devised orthoptics in the first half of the twentieth century.

Orthoptics is a combination of two Greek words meaning straight vision. Eye exercises are performed which improve the eyesight and correct problems. They do not cost any money and can be done anywhere. These exercises have been found satisfactory by medical practitioners.

Doing eye exercises will not harm you in any way, but the possibility that your refractive error will be corrected by eye exercises is slim.

Bottom Line:- There is one rational method of eye training and eye exercises—orthoptics—carried out under competent optometric and medical supervision to correct coordination or binocular vision problems such as “crossed eyes” and “lazy” eyes. If the muscles that control eye movements are out of balance, the function of one eye may be suppressed to avoid double vision. Covering the good eye can often stimulate the amblyopic eye to work again to provide binocular vision for the patient. Orthoptics, surgery, or a combination of the two often can improve problems in pointing and focusing the eyes due to poor eye-muscle control.

Remember: Whatever said and done, no type of eye exercise can improve a refractive error or cure any ailment within the eyeball or in any remote part of the body.


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